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Class 2 - 2018 -2019



Circus Skills Workshop

Today we had great fun learning different skills from the circus. We started the session using scarfs to practice catching and the process of the 'x' throw. 


Next we used beanbags to practise the same skill. 


Finally we had a balancing competition using peacocks. And the winners were .........



Bible Story Week

This week we have been looking at the story of Jonah and the Whale. We listened to the stroy and thought about what the message might be. We used book creator to create our own books. They included retelling the story and Science, looking at weather and rain clouds. Please look at our finished books below. 

Christmas Tea Party

This year Class 2 invited members of our community to come in and celebrate all the good work we all do. We served our guest mince pies and fruit wine. We had a great time talking to the adults and finding out stories about themselves. At the end we sang them some Christmas songs. It was such a lovely event and guest had a great time too. Here are some photos of the event.


VR afternoon

To bring our learning to life this term with had a visitor come to school that brought with him the world of virtual reality. We had great fun exploring under the sea, the pyramids of Egypt and the animals in the jungle. Ewan said "I loved looking at the sharks". 

Fabian said "It was great to visit new places and experience new things". 

Here are some photos of our adventures 

Trip to Seveington

This term our topic has been the Victorians. We had a great time learning about the reign of Queen Victoria and the changes that happened during this time. One of our best lessons during this time was when we travelled back in time and became Victorian school children. Have a look at see. We looked great!!!!

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