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Sports Premium 2017 - 2018

http://www.broadtown.wilts.sch.uk/redesign/whlogo.gifSports Premium 2017 – 208

Amount of Sports Premium: 2017 – 2018= £8,285

Planned usage of Sports Premium


Professional development opportunities for staff to develop their ability to teach new sports by observing specialist coaches e.g. squash, basketball, table tennis, swimming and Superstars


Increase children’s ability to be active throughout the day through the introduction of ‘Body Blast’ and further development of Wake and Shake


Children to take part in an increasing range of sports festivals and competitions and provide cover for members of staff to take the children to the events



Attendance at PE Conference and appropriate training



Release for the PE subject leader to arrange additional sporting events, observe the teaching of PE, review and update the provision map then review the PE Action Plan


New kit for sporting events e.g. shin pads for KS1, socks and football/ rugby tops plus new green sports tops


New shed and additional playground equipment


Special visitors for Sports Week e.g. commando assault course, H5  and visiting sports star


Purchase of squash rackets, balls and nets


Increase the range of after school clubs and to allow more people to access new sports


Contribution to cluster sports funding to train the Power of 10 sports leaders, for trophies and medals for some competitions


Additional resources to support the physical development of EY/Y1 children



Additional Sports Premium Funding

In November, we recieved an additional £8,000 sports premium. We plan to use this funding in the following ways:

  • To repair and replace part of the safety surface around the outside play structures (quotes around £3,000 so we will repair the higher priority areas)
  • Superstars sport wider provision which covers the  impact of sport and excercise on the body (£500)
  • Superstars badminton and multi-skills teaching (professional development for staff as well). 
  • Badminton after school club
  • Multi-skills lunchtime club
  • Superstars alternative Provision (archery, boccia, kurling and sitting volley ball), year round provision for KS2. This will also include a lunchtime and after school club (£3,600). 
  • Forest School and Outdoor activity sessions (£2,000)



Staff training and observation of specialists will provide staff with confidence and skills to teach a wider range of physical education in the future. Using sports premium to support in providing new sports clubs that will be paid for by parents in the future and some children have already gone on to joining similar clubs out of school hours. Body blast and wake and shake activities will become embedded in the day to day life of the school. Training of MDSAs and having a lead MDSA and TA to support with playground games will ensure that this is maintained in the future. New playground equipment and PE shed will mean that the children have lots of resources to keep them active at playtime and the new shed will ensure they are stored and organised well so they will last a long time.

Sports Premium 2016 - 2017

Cluster and school medals and trophies       



School Riding Club

Summer Horse Rally

Autumn Gymkhana




Dance Festival and Wake and Shake Costumes


Forest School and Outdoor learning experiences


Sports Equipment e.g. archery equipment, uni- hock equipment


Playground Equipment


Powerfully Positive lunchtimes and Playtime training and cost of cover


Golf Academy


Staff training and PE conference


Specialist coaching with staff professional development opportunities


A life Healthy Workshop


After School Clubs


Cross curricular dance workshop


Healthy Me family workshops for identified children


Additional Sports related activities




Pupil Premium Funding 2016 – 2017 £13,399

Impact of Sports Premium 2016 – 2017


·        REAL PE is very inclusive and has an emphasis on developing physical and social skills.

·        Improved staff knowledge and skills in teaching a range of different aspects of PE.

·        Increase in the range of traditional and alternative sporting activities.

·        Increased range of traditional games played at playtimes.

·        Increase in personal achievement by all of the Broad Town Riding Team in the National Competition.

·        Provided new equipment


Sports Premium 2015 - 2016

For 2015 to 2016, the school received £9,460 Sports Premium Funding

Impact of Sports Premium 2014 to 2015

As a result of the sessions undertaken by sports coaches, some children now attend out of  school clubs e.g. fencing and rugby

  • Staff confidence, knowledge and skills in teaching elements of PE have improved and hence resulted in improved provision.

  • Additional resources have been purchased to support and extent provision in PE lessons

  • Chidlren have had opportunities to try a wider range of sports.

  • As a result of some of the sports the children have tried, some children have gone on to join sporting clubs in the community.

  • More children have had opportunities to attend a wider range of sporting competitions and festivals. They have been keen to take part and achieved well

  • Children are more active at playtimes because we have a wider range of resources for playtimes.


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