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School Council

School Council 2023 - 2024

Congratulations to our new School Council. Members were voted for by other members of their class. Key roles were voted for by the School Council members 

Class 3

Joey T,  Tilly Lilly, Indianna, Nicholas and Hattie

Class 2

Emma, Alfie W., Elijah and Martha

School Council badge which was designed by Broad Town School Council 

Aims set by our present School Council

  • Organise a pancake day plus a pancake themed assembly
  • Y6 reading buddies with Class 1 and Y5 reading buddies with Class 2
  • Set up pupil led clubs at lunchtime e.g. KS1 football club led by KS2 chidlren. art and craft club and playground buddies
  • To contribute towards planning and leading assemblies
  • To organise and lead a whole school treasure hunt
  • To support with arrangements for fundraising events 
  • To establish regular litter picks in the school ground 

School Council 2022 - 2023

School Council have designed signs to encourage everyone in the school to save electricty and water. They have also lead an assembly to discuss how we can work together to save energy eg. having monitors for turning lights off, computers off and closing windows and doors.

We have reintroduced 'Playground Friends' where children are taught some playground games to encoruage others to become invovled in playing.We are a very inclusive and want everyone to have someone to play with.

In the Spring Term, School Council had a big focus on reading story sacks to the school and pre-school. We have had some real positive feedback of the impact this has had on the chidlren at school and preschool. Preschool staff commented on how much our children had grown in confidence and how much the pre-school children enjoyed the stories. We will continue to plan this in throughout the year.