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Class 3 Terms 3 and 4

We have so many exciting special events planned for Terms 3 and 4. The whole class are learning to play the ukulele, we have already had a  virtual visitor from the Houses of Parliament, we are looking forward to  Internet Safety Day , Science Week ,NSPCC Number Day and World Book Day to name just a few things !!!! 

Please see opposite the Whole Year Curriculum Plan for Class 3 , Medium Term planning , parent leaflet and Class 3 Powerpoint. 


The Queen's Platinum Jubilee


Musical Notes !!

Mondays are now known as Ukulele Monday! We have had so much fun learning to play a new instrument and sharing this experience with friends. We have learned to play a few pieces and are currently practising getting our fingers to play the C and F chords beautifully , switching our finger and hand positions quickly. 


Reading for Pleasure in Class 3

We have really been focusing on Reading for Pleasure and sheer enjoyment in Class 3 this term. We have enjoyed reading 'The Lost Happy Endings' , 'Arthur and the Golden Rope' and most recently -' The Day I Fell Into A Fairrytale' . This story had us all absolutely gripped !! Every chapter seemed to end on a cliffhanger and sometimes we didn't want the school day to end so that we could read on ! 

Thank you toe Jeremy and Holly W who are keeping our lovely newly vamped reading area so beautifully tidy and a lovely place to go and enjoy a book. 

We hope to run another Book Swap next term - so keeeeep reading and keeeep swapping !!!! 

Remember Class 3 - A cover is not the book so open it up and take a look'!! 


Braeside Visits

4 boys in our class recently spent two days at Braeside Education Centre. They learnt so much new information about Space and beyond ! They thoroughly enjoyed the day , (the lunches!) and learning so much new and exciting information. The boys shared what they learnt on their return to school . Well done boys ! 


Christmas 2021

Shelter drop off(1)IMG_1344IMG_1355

Year 6 Leavers July 2021

Goodbye and Good Luck to Thomas, Ruby and Ella xxx


Summer Term Golden Letters


Working Together to 'Bee Positive!'

Class 3 have been working collaboratively on this amazing art work project to promote our new class motto 'Bee Positive!' . We hope you agree that we think the end result is spectacular! Well done Class 3! 


Easter March 2021

We hope you enjoy Class 3's Easter Assembly and songs. Happy Easter everyone! 

Class 3 Easter Story.movIMG_1260IMG_1267IMG_1269IMG_1275

Red Nose Day 19th March 2021

Class 3 have made a Red Nose Day 'Joke Reel' we hope you enjoy our jokes and have a good laugh!!! 


We also had great fun Catching the Red Nose !!! The overall Red Nose catching champions were  James, Joshua and Amelia but everyone had really good fun having a go! 


Back to School ! March 2021


Recipes for a Great School

In Class 3, we considered one of our British Values - Tolerance of other Faiths and Cultures. We read a thought provoking poem by Benjamin Zephaniah and then wrote our own recipes for a happy school inspired by his work.  We hope you enjoy this selection of Class 3 poems. 

Benjamin Zephaniah

This is Benjamin Zephaniah's poem we used to inspire our own writing. 


Christmas 2020 in Class 3

Christmas Crafts 


Christmas Party


Our Class 3 Hamper for Swindon Night Shelter - Thank you all so much!




Parents Leaflets and Class Information Powerpoint

Harvest Poems

Class 3 have been learning about different poetry forms. We have studied Japanese Tanka poetry that follows a strict syllable pattern.  We hope you enjoy reading this selection of Harvest Tanka Poetry ~ Class 3 

Pumpkin Tanka 

Pumpkins in a truck 

Waiting for a kid to come 

Pull out all the brains 

Carve a mouth for it to breathe 

Carve eyes for it to see you. 


Harvest Tanka
See the sun fall down 

Feel the warmth in your own hands 

Bright red and orange 

See it before night falls down 

This reminds me of Harvest. 



Long Term and Medium Term Planning


Thank You!

Thank you so much for all of your generous Harvest Gifts Class 3 ! So much food which will be taken by Mr and Mrs Manley to Swindon Food Bank for us. 

Farmers Tanka 

Farmers plough the fields

Combine harvester cutting 

Tractors collecting 

Balers come to bale the fields 

The wheat is turned to flour 


Harvest Tanka

Farmer plants the seeds 

Seeds get strength and water and light 

Seeds turn into wheat 

Farmer cuts the wheat to size 

Wheat gets turned into nice cake 


A Pumpkin Harvest 

Pumpkins all around 

Carving pumpkins for a fright 

Pumpkins in a field 

Children picking pumpkins now 

Pumpkins growing on the ground 



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