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Christmas 2020 in Class 3

Christmas Crafts 


Christmas Party


Our Class 3 Hamper for Swindon Night Shelter - Thank you all so much!




Parents Leaflets and Class Information Powerpoint

Harvest Poems

Class 3 have been learning about different poetry forms. We have studied Japanese Tanka poetry that follows a strict syllable pattern.  We hope you enjoy reading this selection of Harvest Tanka Poetry ~ Class 3 

Pumpkin Tanka 

Pumpkins in a truck 

Waiting for a kid to come 

Pull out all the brains 

Carve a mouth for it to breathe 

Carve eyes for it to see you. 


Harvest Tanka
See the sun fall down 

Feel the warmth in your own hands 

Bright red and orange 

See it before night falls down 

This reminds me of Harvest. 



Long Term and Medium Term Planning


Thank You!

Thank you so much for all of your generous Harvest Gifts Class 3 ! So much food which will be taken by Mr and Mrs Manley to Swindon Food Bank for us. 

Farmers Tanka 

Farmers plough the fields

Combine harvester cutting 

Tractors collecting 

Balers come to bale the fields 

The wheat is turned to flour 


Harvest Tanka

Farmer plants the seeds 

Seeds get strength and water and light 

Seeds turn into wheat 

Farmer cuts the wheat to size 

Wheat gets turned into nice cake 


A Pumpkin Harvest 

Pumpkins all around 

Carving pumpkins for a fright 

Pumpkins in a field 

Children picking pumpkins now 

Pumpkins growing on the ground 



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