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Art Week



At the end of November, the whole school took part in an Art Week, which was linked to our topic of Prehistoric Britain or to our Community Arts Project.  The children really enjoyed working in a variety of media, and the focus on art was very successful as these comments show!

“I think it was really fun and I enjoyed it because you got to do different things that you don’t normally get to do.” (Megan)

“I liked it as everyone got to do their own thing and our homework was art too!”  (Sherise)

Class 1

”We made Stonehenge out of all sorts of things like clay, interstar, play-doh, Lego,  wire,  paper and we even got to sew Stonehenge.  The toughest ones were the sewing  and the paper.  We also made some big blocks out of willow.” (Lily)


We learned about Mr Wuffles and made him some space-ships out of tin-foil, boxes, lolly-sticks, feathers and pipe-cleaners.” (Alfie)

Class 2

“We made clay coil-pots that the Beaker people made.  We made sure the coils were well-smoothed, to fix it together and stop the swirls.” (Bronwyn)

“We also made Stonehenge pictures, in the style of Van Gogh, using little lines of colour.  We learned how to use lots of different shades of green for the grass.” (Megan)

Class 3

“We made pictures about our area on cloth squares.  We did the background with Brusho (a dye) and then used fabric crayons for the detail.  We did it in the style of Friedensreich  Hundertwasser - an Austrian artist whose style was quite crazy and colourful.”


We also did a photo-workshop, where we learned:  how to take photographs from different angles, how to use perspective and that it matters where the sun is.”

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