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SEN Update

February 2021

At Broad Town, we provide additional support for children who need some help with learning, behaviour or dealing with their emotions. This support is targeted for a set amount of time and its impact is assessed at the end of the course to see what further steps need to be taken.

Our children and staff are supported by four experienced teaching assistants and we also have support from outside agencies.

We have provided a wide range of interventions for our children.

Our teaching assistants provide:

Back On Track – maths support intervention

Numbers Count – maths support intervention

Precision teaching – phonics and reading support / number bonds and timetable support

Switch On To Reading and Writing

101 Ways – social skill support

Transition to secondary school support

Targeted reading support

Targeted writing support

Gardening and cooking – social skills support

Delivering support for children’s IEPs (individual education plans)

Emotional support through art

Letters and sounds  - KS1 phonics support

And much, much more!


Outside agencies provide:

SSENS – providing staff with strategies to support specific needs eg autism

Behaviour Support Service – provides children and staff with strategies to use in and out of school

Speech and language support

Counsellor – providing children with support with emotional difficulties

Equine Assisted Learning - providing children with support with emotional difficulties


This year, we have been particularly impressed with the impact of the Back On Track maths support programme and the Switch On To Reading and Writing programme. They have shown to be an effective way of supporting first quality teaching and the children have made pleasing progress..


Staff have received training on many areas of SEN this year, including:

Art therapy

Switch On To Reading and Writing

Back On Track


Across the school, we use a range of dyslexia friendly strategies.

The school has continued to work closely the local authority link Educational Psychologist to support specific children.


Miss G Dent,  SENCO


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