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Wiltshire SHOUT service launched on 2 November in line with National Stress Awareness Day - a day to raise awareness of the effects stress can have on people in their daily lives. The SHOUT services enables Wiltshire residents of any age to access a text message mental health support service 24/7. SHOUT is free and confidential, and won't appear on their bill.

Text WILTS to 85258 to receive text message support from a trained volunteer who will aim to support individual to a calm and safe place. The volunteer will then work with individuals to plan how they are going to support themselves moving forward, including local signposting where appropriate. 

SHOUT Volunteers and Clinical Supervisors are trained to work support with feelings of depression and sadness, anxiety and stress, relationships, grief, feeling isolated and having suicidal thoughts.

This time of year can be stressful for both young people and adults. With exams, deadlines and responsibilities piling up, its important to prioritize self-care and seek support when needed.

Please ensure this information is available within your school community, and please spread the word by sharing on social media, the information is available on the public health twitter page


Wiltshire’s Wellbeing Hub providing support to those who need it
The Wiltshire Wellbeing Hub is available to anyone who is struggling during this difficult time.

The hub can help and provide support to those who perhaps don’t have a network around them, and also signpost them to where additional help is available in their local area. Hundreds of community groups, run by volunteers, are still set up across the county, providing invaluable assistance to those who need it.


Parents can ring and talk about things that you are concerned about

  1. HappyMaps- Mental Health Resources and Advice for Parents, Carers and Young People