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Gem Powers

SAM_4120We postively encourage the children to use their gem powers. Certificates are given weekly in assembly to celebrate children that are using their gem powers.

Emerald Power

  • brave and happy to give it a go
  • made a mistake and corrected it without getting upset
  • bounced back a number of times without getting frustrated

Sapphire Power

  • able to get on with our learning even when there are lots of things to distract us

Ruby Power

  • put new ideas into their head by listening to others
  • asked questions to help others think
  • helped others get a new idea into their head
  • understood how others feel when they are learning

Diamond Power

  • we can say what problems we are having
  • we can ask questions (what? why? how? which? where? do you think?) about our problems with our partner/s
  • we can think of ways of solving our problems without asking the teacher

Topaz Power

  • know when it’s best to work in larger groups (three or more)
  • take turns to share our ideas
  • we ask each other questions so we know our ideas have gone into each other’s head
  • make sure if someone needs help with an idea, we give them ours

Amethyst Power

  • are happy to talk to others and explain our ideas
  • listen to each other
  • share what we think with our partner so we have the same ideas
  • check to make sure we both have the same ideas in our head
  • know what our partners might be feeling
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