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Broad Town School Vision


"A Bright Future For All" was chosen as it communicates our inclusiveness and ambition for  all of our community.

The White Horse was included as it is an important part of our community’s landscape, being opposite the school. It is in the village but looking beyond, as we ourselves work collaboratively with all stakeholders in the village and are forward thinking.

The Bible quoteLife in all its fullness” John 10:10  emphasises what we wish to provide for all at Broad Town School.

The rainbow features in many of the children’s suggestions. It shows their bright future with hope and light.Teh colours also link to our Gem Power learning behaviours. 

The cross was included by many as our Christian values underpin everything we do.

The main theme to come through was one of family and friendship. This is why we included the children playing and learning together in the image. They are central to everything we do.

BroadTown banner FINAL




BroadTown banner FINAL

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