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Rev Rachma

Rev Rachma came to our class on Monday 21st September. We had lots of questions for her about her job, our topic on the Trinity and what happens if we don't do the right thing. We learned that Rev Rachma was a little bit naughty when she was younger!


Harvest Festival 2015

Well done Class 1, you were amazing! Thank you to everyone who generously donated gifts for the Swindon Food Bank.

Healthy living workshop


Class 1 had great fun learning all about how to keep healthy. We worked together to discover how much sugar and fat are in our foods, and what vegetables grow in the earth, and which grow on trees.

Oxford Natural History Museum

This term we visited Oxford Natural History museum. We had an amazing time looking, exploring and finding out all about dinosaur and fossils. We met Stan the t-rex and held fossilised dinosaur poo!!   





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