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Column Addition without Exchange

Column Addition without exchange.wmv

Column Addition with Exchange

Column Addition With Exchange (small).MOV

Mental Maths Challenge - Can you beat the teacher?

Adding 2 1-digit numbers 

mental maths challenge proper one.wmv

Adding a 2 digit number with a 1 digit number 

Mental Maths challenge 2.wmv

Adding 3 1- digit numbers 

Mental maths challenge 3.wmv

Subtracting 2 1 -digit numbers 

Subtracting 2 1-digit numbers.wmv

Science - Invertebrate Hunt

Invertebrate Hunt.MOV

Subtraction using a number line

Subtraction using a number line.MOV

Subtraction using the column method

Subtraction using the column method.MOV


Introduction to Fractions.MOVComparing Fractions.MOV

Multiplying by 10 or 100

Multiply by 10.MOV

Dividing by 10 or 100

Divide by 10.MOV

Telling the Time

Intro to Time.MOVsession 2 Time.MOV

Rounding to the Nearest 10

Rounding to nearest 10.MOV
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