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Class 3 Remote Learning

Well here we are Class 3, back to remote learning. Please make sure you look really carefully at your Year group section and the daily learning activities . These are to be found in the Word Document that I will attach first each week. This should be the first thing you refer to . Everything else you need will be attached separately under your year group section. Ihave also set up each of you individually Mathletics activities linked to your Maths learning. You need to access the Mathletics site for this and use your individual log in. If you need to contact me about your remote learning please use this email address dfloyd@broadtown.wilts.sch.uk

  Remember to work hard each day, be helpful at home and most importantly stay safe!  

Daily Learning Activities

Remember to read daily.  It doesn't have to be a reading book it could be a newspaper article, leaflet , magazine or comic. 

Continue with your own Battle of the Books personal Reading Challenge. We appreciate you may finish reading the book you currently have so please see attached a list of books for each year group. 

Multiplication Tables Practice  - please find the document below. Some children have 1 minute to complete each test (they know who they are!) otherwise the test should be completed in 2 minutes. 

In addition, the BBC Dance Mat Typing programme is a really useful tool and website for the children to practice and improve their typing speed and precision.

Please see the link below : 


PE Activity Challenge Cards 

These cards contain great ideas for keeping fit and active at home. 

Suggested enrichment Activity Passport ideas

  • Keep a diary for a week 
  • Learn a poem by heart and make a recording of it 
  • Try yoga 
  • Make up your own game and teach it to someone else 
  • Fly a kite 
  • Make a model out of recyclable materials 
  • Send an email 
  • Write a tour of your local area
  • Make a sandwich
  • Make a treasure map
  • Make a puppet 
  • Create a comic strip 
  • Bake a cake 
  • Learn to sew on a button 
  • Make something from wood
  • Find out about a local charity and how to support them 

Miss Long's Activity

As I was walking my dog this morning I saw a painted pebble on the floor. The pebble was bright yellow with a smiley face. I therefore set you the challenge of making a possituve pebble or something similar. It might be a picture of something you saw when out on a daily walk e.g. a daffodil or a bird. It might be some positive words that you saw written and displayed in someone's window. I look forward to seeing the photos. It would be wonderful to share them and display them in the peaceful garden when we return. 

Sharing your learning

I've really enjoyed seeing the the emails of the activities you have been doing.

Please ensure that all messages linked to home learing are sent to admin@broadtown.wilts.sch.uk and not to individual members of staff.

Christian Value

Our Value this term is Perseverance. If you were present in Mrs McEvoy’s last assembly, she talked about her friend’s brother Tim Dom. Tim is a 4X World Champion, 3X Olympian, 2X Ironman Champion and holds 1X World Record.

In 2017 Tim was hit by a van whilst training and broke his neck. His story is a true example of perseverance. You may be interested in watching a 5-minute clip of his amazing recovery from the accident.

The Man with the Halo: Iron Again


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