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Have a look at what we got up to last year!

Guitar Demo Assembly

Fire Safety Talks



The Walls of Jericho

Class 3 attempted to rebuild the walls of Jericho using tin foil and tooth picks. It was a bit tricky! Once complete, they were tested by vigorously shaking the table!

Electrical Jokes - Lottie and Emily

We made this circuit so when you put one of the red clips on a joke and the other red clip on the right answer it will spin round the motor.

This works by creating a full circuit. On the back of the paper we attached 4 different wires next to where the jokes are then attached the other end to the correct answer.

A red clip is attached to the motor and the other one to the battery and a yellow wire connecting the battery to the motor. This leaves both of the red wires needing something to connect to and in our case that’s the jokes.

For example if you attached one of the red wires to “How do Beavers use the internet?” you would pick up the other red wire and figure out which answer in the answer column matches the joke.


We explored different types of electrical circuits and components. Some children even became inventors, creating some fascinating devices

Poetry Performances

Class 3 learnt some seasonal poems and rehearsed them ready for a group recital. Take a look at these videos!

Children in Need

Class 3 donated money and covered Pudsey with coins in order to support Children in need this year.

Lego Workshop

Oliver Parr from the REME Museum at Lyneham came into school to work with the Year 6 children on an exciting Lego workshop. The task was to make a buggy to pull the yellow truck. Points were received for effort, team work and how well the task was achieved.


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