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Additional skills that could help to acheive Emerald power are; work hard, practise lots, try new strategies, ask for help, have a growth mindset, be excited to try new things, improve one thing first and take small step

Class 2 - Introducing Gerald

In class 2 we have an additional student called Give it a go Gerald, who is a Giraffe. Every morning Gerald watches all the children in class 2 and decides who has demonstrated their Emerald power. In the afternoon Gerald then stays with the child and helps them to conitnue using their Emerald power.


Our Gem Box

We have a gem box and gems to put inside the box. Everyday the children can collect a gem and write on it how they have used their gem power. Every week we go through the gem box and find out how people have been using their gems. Here are some great examples of emerald power.



Every week the children that used their gem power get a certificate

Class 1

Come and see how we use emerald power in class 1

Class 3

Come and see how we use emerald power in class 3

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