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Terms 5 - 6


South America

Our geogrpahy topic this term is all about South America. We'll learn about it location on the globe, its physical and human geography and link some maths and literacy to it as well. 

Copy and paste this link below to find a wonderful website where you can add post it notes about anything you have learnt so far. You could do some research at home, ask parents, remember some information from school. Let's see how much we can find out about this fascinating continent!



Post-SATs forest party

We all worked extremely hard in the run up to SATs week, and tried our very best to complete all of the tests. Our brains were completely worn out so we chose to spend Friday morning in the forest. Mrs Whetham kindly agreed to come with us and led lots of exciting activities. We had the best time!

Braeside 2017

Science and technology week

Class 3 were set the challenge of creating a floating vessel to carry passengers. The passengers were respresented by ball bearings. Each construction crew were only allowed to use one piece of cardboard and one piece of foil. We had lots of different boats, but only one was successful!

Angles on the table

We really enjoyed being naughty and drawing on the table today! We measured angles and tried to spot patterns. We worked out that angles on a straight line always add up to 180 degrees, and opposite angles are always equal. 

Fire safety talk

The local fire fighters visited to share some vital information with class 3.

South Africa Day

We made our own rain sticks in the style of African art. We used a pointilism technique to paint African animals, wrapped it around a cardboard tube which we stuck nails into and filled with pasta and rice. Wonderful!


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