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Hoola Hoola!

Hoops galore.

The whole school enjoyed a morning session of hooping. We tried spinning hoops in lots of different ways using legs, necks, partners and even feet!

Children In Need

Once again, Pudsey has been recreated using coins! 

Mayan hot chocolate

The ancient Mayans were the first people to make chocolate. Historians believe that they ground up cocoa beans into a paste, mixed it with lots of spices to make bitter drink. They called it xocalotl. Since then, cocoa has been mixed with milk and sweeteners to make the chocolate we enjoy today. 

Class 3 had a taste of Mayan hot chocolate (or something similar!) and then designed their own chocolate drink. Yummy!

Science - forces


A strange meteorite has crashed to earth somewhere in Europe and the children have been asked to conduct various experiments to help with its extraction. The crew of scientists could only reach the crash site by parachute, so we explored how to create the most effective parachute. We learnt about lifting heavy objects using simple machines like levers and pulleys. I wonder what happened to the meteorite in the end!?

Mayan Masks

The Mayans made masks for every occasion. Some were brightly coloured to frightened their enemies in battle. Some were elaborately decorated and used to commemorate the dead during lavish ceremonies. 

Class 3 designed and created their own masks. What do you think?

Budding artists

Pyjama Party

They finally filled their pot of pasta! Having worked hard, followed instructions and behaved well, our pot of reward pasta has been filled and the class have enjoyed their much anticipated party. We set up comfy chairs, ate popcorn and watched a film in our pyjamas. Great fun!

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