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Terms 1 - 2

Greek Myths

We are learning to retell Greek myths. This is the first section of 'The Golden King' which is about the foolish King Midas.

Groovy Greeks Day

Hello, my name is Megan Dalton and I’m in year 6. I will be telling you about our day with the groovy Greeks. First of all, class 3 were very surprised when we walked in to class to find an ancient Greek and a row of chairs and a long table of ancient artefacts! The ancient Greek was called Paul and he started telling us all about the people who lived and ruled in this time period.

We learnt that their clothes were mainly made out of wool, linen and leather. The metal they used the most was bronze, and we were told and shown what their houses would have looked like and what they had inside them. We also learnt about the Spartans and the Athenians, and about their symbols for their shields.

Next, we learnt about armour and we got to hold some weapons and try on the armour. The helmet looked really weird. We were also shown how wool and linen and clothes were made and what tools were used for what.

Later on we all went outside and had our own Olympic games with the Spartans and the Athenians. We had to make and entrance for our team, I was in the Spartans, we had lots of different sports to compete in. In the end the Spartans won!

All of us found it quite funny and disgusting that in the Olympics they didn’t wear any clothes! This was because the Olympic games were thought to be the only peaceful time where there was no fighting so they didn’t wear clothes to prove they weren’t hiding weapons.

This workshop was very interesting and fun and I would recommend it to other schools.

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